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Your children and abuse

If you are suffering from abuse then you’re probably worried about your children. It’s hard to defend yourself. It may be taking all your mental and physical courage to just keep going. Whether or not you choose to leave the abusive relationship, you will no doubt be terrified by the impact that this could have on your children.

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Making the decision to leave

Is it time to go? Making the decision to leave an abusive partner is never easy. Your head may say it’s the right moment to walk out the door but your heart may want you to give them one more chance. If you’re thinking about leaving then you’re beginning a journey that will break you free from abuse. Here are some ways to prepare for that change.

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What is Abuse?

If you’re reading this article then you’re doing a good thing. Understanding what abuse is will help you to defend yourself and your loved ones against it.

At its core abuse is about control. Abuse can come in many shapes and forms. It happens in heterosexual relationships as well lesbian, gay and bisexual relationships. Its purpose is to create or shift power. Whoever is committing the abuse is seeking to dominate and get what they want. They feel the need to control and they do so by doing things that are not acceptable.

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Creating a safety plan

A safety plan is a way of working out how to leave your partner when it is time to go. You’re probably already worrying about how you can get away safely if you decide it’s too much. We’re going to try to help you find a way to leave on your terms.

Abuse comes in many shapes and forms and it can be hard to spot the fact that it is threatening the safety of you and your children. If you do start to worry about whether you are safe with your partner then we recommend you start a plan for leaving.

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